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About Us

British IELTS was established in 2015 by Guntass K Chopra after witnessing the growing need for IELTS coaching amongst both students and professionals. Over the last few years, the number for those willing to immigrate has doubled. Considering the fact that IELTS has become a cardinal requirement to qualify for the immigration process, it was observed that many had to forego their dream or wait too long owing to the language barrier..

Having identified the problem, she decided that proper guidance was all that was required and after thorough research, British IELTS opened as an offline institute in Chandigarh. While the journey so far has been immensely successful, it was also felt that those preparing for this exam be able to do so at their comfort without sacrificing their daily routine.

epadho is an online extension of this successful venture, aimed at helping students and professionals prepare for IELTS from anywhere in the world, without missing out on the accessibility element. Our courses have been curated with precision by our experts, ensuring that the student is able to perform well. We hope that through us, those willing to move to an English speaking country are able to do so hassle-free.