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How we work


After having purchased the requisite package, your login details will be sent to you. You can access the portal using them and will be able to access the question papers for reading, listening and writing. To understand the pattern of IELTS better, watch our orientation video first and then move on to the practice sessions.

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You will have enough practice material to ensure that you are well-prepared for the exam. As you read the passage, there also appear the questions on the side of the screen to ensure a smooth practice session. Once you finish taking the test, you can save your answers and they will be checked immediately. You will be given a real-time feedback, thereby ensuring your progress.

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The IELTS examination includes 2 separate writing tasks, both of which are already available on the portal. Upon the completion of the writing tasks, you must submit them for correction. In order to stick to the actual experience of the test, complete the writing task on paper and submit it for correction through our mobile app. The test will be corrected by our experts and the errors will be encircled in red with the necessary feedback provided so as to ensure improvement.

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The listening tests will be active on your portal. All you need is a pair of quality headphones and you are good to go. As the audio plays, the questions appear on your screen simultaneously. In addition to this, there will also be a notepad if you want to take notes as you listen to the tape.

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The speaking sessions will be held live. As you obtain access to the portal, you get the option to book speaking slots as per your convenience. The relevant tricks and tips on how to ace this module will be provided to you over the live video call.

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Live Chat

Once you enroll with us, you become our responsibility. We ensure that you have round the clock support from our expert trainers. Whenever and wherever you feel the need to seek help, our live services are simply a click away.

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Live Discussion (Free)

Every Tuesday and Thursday at IST 4pm, our experts will be conducting a free discussion session via Google Meet. Irrespective of whether you are enrolled with us or not, you are eligible to be a part of this discussion. You may use this opportunity to clear your doubts and improve your performance in the test.

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Live Events (Free)

Our experts will be conducting free live sessions of all the four modules of the IELTS examination on YouTube. These sessions are a way to interact with the students and understand the problems faced by them pertaining to the examination. Special focus will be given on the tips so as to make it easier for the students to understand the pattern. To be a part of these sessions, all you need to do is register yourself!

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