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General FAQ’s about epadho.com

The number of individuals appearing for IELTS is increasing each year. However, not all are able to clear this English language proficiency test. Its preparation requires a lot of practice and attention to detail. And for this, relying on professional help is the best solution. Where you can easily come across a number of coaching centers for IELTS online, not everyone has the time to spends hours here. Understanding this, we at epadho offer you a one-stop solution for all your IELTS related worries. If you prepare with us, you are sure to clear your IELTS exam with flying colors. Before you decide to enroll with us, we understand that there might be numerous questions about our working bugging you right now. After all, who doesn’t want to choose the best online platform for their IELTS preparation! So, to ease out your worry as a bit, here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about epadho.com. Have a look:

  • When was the company started?
    After successfully running British IELTS, which was started in 2015, our founder Guntaas K Chopra decided to step-up their IELTS preparation program. This was basically meant for those who find it challenging to take up IELTS classroom teaching amidst their busy schedules. Our online product is specially designed to give wings to the dreams of such people—these range from working professionals and homemakers to business holders and students. With our online IELTS coaching, you can prepare for your exam from the comfort of your home and whenever you want.
  • All the trainers that work with us have years of experience in teaching IELTS and have helped millions succeed. Our certified and skilled mentors deliver only that standard of teaching that is accepted globally. To ensure that our trainers are the best, we let them go through some challenging sessions of teachings before the actual training process. Thus, when you decide to enroll with us, you will actually be learning from the best.
  • In order to make sure that all our customers are satisfied with our product, we offer a one-day demo package which is free of cost. It includes a brief overview of what you will be learning with us. This will let you decide if you actually like the product or not. Once you go ahead with buying the product and in case you don’t like it, we will try to address and settle your issue and if still you don’t like the product, our refund policy is pretty simple and straightforward.
  • Unfortunately, our online IELTS packages come with an expiry date. You can use your package until your subscription expires. Once it is over, you will have to re-purchase it. The good part here is that during your subscription, you can even use the product 24/7.
  • All our teachers at epadho are the best. However, if you still feel like you do not understand what your current teacher teaches you, you can request a change. For this, you just have to put in your request to the admin, and the rest will be taken care of by us.
  • Yes, as soon as you visit our official website to enroll with us, the first step you got to follow is taking our free assessment test. This test is designed to let our team know about your current skill set in English so that we can suggest you a package for your IELTS preparation accordingly.
  • At epadho, we offer numerous packages for all the aspirants out there. And one of these is our academic package. So, you can easily opt for it if you wish to apply for a Canada student visa. Further, this package is divided into basic, intermediate, and professional levels. You can choose the one out of these depending on your level of English.
  • The best part about epadho is that you can prepare for your exam at your convenience. For the speaking test, our teachers are available from 9 am to 6 pm. You can feel free to schedule your test during any of this time.
  • Since we allow our students to decide their time as per their suitability, we expect them to attend it as they themselves were okay with that time. And in case you fail to do so, there will be no compensation.
  • Yes, if you are from the UK or Canada, a special time can be arranged for you. However, you must make sure not to miss it as it cannot be rearranged, and there will be no compensation for it.
  • You can find your writing tasks 1 and 2 preloaded on the portal. Referring to the questions, you can jot down your answer on a paper. Once you complete your essay, upload it using our mobile app for corrections. You will soon get your corrected copy back. The errors will be circled in red. Along with this, there will be corresponding suggestions for your improvement.
  • Our refund policy is quite simple. We initiate a refund only in the case where epadho is at fault. Further, in order to ensure that you know what our product is like, we offer all our clients a demo for the same.
  • When you visit our official website, you can find a coupon code on the top left of the page easily. We make sure to refresh these codes often. So, when you purchase our product, you can use this code to get an instant discount.
  • All our trainers at epadho are dedicated to helping their students to jam-packed potential. So, once you finish your IELTS preparation with us and are ready to take the test, we will assist and guide you in booking your exam.
  • Our product performs well both on a laptop and a smartphone. Therefore, you need not worry about what you are using to perform your tasks. Just make sure to prepare well!